Brake Service Westland, Michigan

Mr. Muffler is a full service repair center.

We specialize in brake service in Westland, Michigan. Diagnosing what is wrong with your brakes can be difficult, so come to Mr. Muffler in Westland, Michigan once you recognize the signs.

One of the most obvious signs that your brakes need attention is the loud, high pitched, squeaky noise that you and others around you hear when you stop your car in Westland. The noise is heard when the brake pad material wears thin leaving a metal piece that begins to touch the rotor on your vehicle. This indicates that you need brake service in Westland. Other signs that you need brake service in Westland is when it takes you longer to stop then usual or when your brake pedal goes farther down when pushed then it did previously.

Because there is not a set schedule to have your brake pads changed, it is recommended that you get your brake pads inspected when you get your tires rotated in Westland. The brake indication on your car does mean that you need brake service in Westland, Michigan. This could mean that the brake fluid is low or that there is a problem with the brake master cylinder. Both of these problems could worsen if you don’t get brake service in Westland.

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