Engine Service

Does Your Engine Really Need Service?

Of course all vehicles have a check engine light that pops on when something isn’t right. The light that makes our heart throb at the thought of having to clean out our bank accounts to fix the car. Before you start going crazy if your check engine light comes on, know that it doesn’t always mean there is a drastic problem, there could just be a sensor issue causing the light to stay on. You definitely do not want to ignore the light completely, as there may be something wrong, but here are some other signs that your engine may need work.

-Loud Engine Noises- If your engine is rattling, or making loud noises that you are unfamiliar with, be sure to get your engine checked out at Mr. Muffler’s engine repair

-Center of Westland- Loud noises coming from your engine could be a sign that something is going bad, or has already gone bad. Before bringing in your vehicle, pay attention to the noise. Be able to explain to your mechanic if it is a rattle, a thumping, clicking, or if it is something else. The more you can explain it, the quicker your mechanic can find the source of the problem. Also pay attention to whether or not your car is riding different. Does it overheat? Is something vibrating? Does it feel like you are going to stall when idling?

-Visible Damage- Whether you are familiar with what is under your cars hood or not, you may be able to spot something that just doesn’t look right. Look to see if anything looks disconnected, cracked, or completely broken. You may not know what the part is called, or why it broke, so bring it to the engine repair center at Mr. Muffler and we will pinpoint the problem, and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

-Leaking Fluids- When you pull out of your driveway in the morning, is there a wet spot on your driveway? When you left the gas station did you see some neon yellow/green fluid running from beneath your car? There are a ton of fluids that have important roles when driving your car. Seeing fluid on the ground beneath your car means that you have a leak. Common leaks are oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, or brake fluid. If it is summer time and you are using your A/C be sure that the fluid you are seeing on the ground is not the A/C dripping. This is common as the condensation is falling. If you are unsure, or if you know that you have an important leak, bring your car or truck to our engine repair center at Westland’s Mr. Muffler.

Contact Mr. Muffler today to find out if your car may need engine work!